BHS Class of 1952 Photos (Then & Now)
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Deceased: Sandy  (3 Sons)
To: James Santos
To: Richard Donoghue (4 children)
To: Walter Dottridge (1 child)
Deceased:  Bartlett
To: Francis McCafferty
To: Robbins
(3 children)
Deceased:  Anne (3 children)
To: Bob Behlman (4 children)
(1 child)
Can't locate him
To: White
To: Pollock (4 children)
Deceased: To: Tennant (5 children)
Deceased: To:Bill Moore (4 children)
Deceased: To: Altenbaugh (6 children)
Deceased: To: Unger (2 children)
To: Sawyer
Deceased: To:Ray Huffman (3 children)
Deceased: To:Nancy (1 child)
To: Blake
To: Sal Bruno (2 children)
To: Baker
To: William Bell
Deceased: To: Montcalm
To:Hilliard (can't locate her)
Viginia Balboni        
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Albert Barabe
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Mar 2015
** Jan 1997
Donald Barabe
** Mar 1992
Alfred Barrow
** Mar 1999
Charles Amado
Richard Gauthier
Jan 1995
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Mel Fulcher         
Louise Ames
John Aylmer        
Shirley Barter
William Beaumont           
William Beldan         
Joanna Bicknell
Warren Birch    (Bjerke )
Marlow Burge
Norman Caswell         
William Childs          
Edward Cliggott           
Phylis Clough
Audrey Coleman
Briah Connor Jr.
Gilhermina Couto           
Jeannette Cotell
Carole Crocker
Joan Crosby
Janet Cross
Leon Demers
John Deware
Peter Doiron
Janet Duchesney
Mary Duarte
Paul Dudley
Alice Durham
Patricia Eaton        
Eleanor Edwards
Austin Eldridge
Bonnie Eldredge
Elizabeth Eldridge         
Mary Lou Ellis
Carroll Ellis
Robert Flinn
Ruth Goodall
Robert Frazier
Ella Fraser
Charles Gould     
Betty Griffin
Martha Hansbury
Betsy Harmon     [Eaton]
Diane Hinckley
Robert Hinckley
Raymond Hostetter            
Corrine Hord
David Hunter       
Shirley Igo
William Jones
George Johnson
Martha Kittila
Margaret Kelly     
Donald Kunze
William Korpela
Beatrice Lambert
Carol Lahteine
Mary Lane
Joyce Linnell
Mary McLean       
Patricia Medeiros        
Georgette Michaud
Herbert Montcalm
Avy Morse
Alice Murphy
Donald Nickula           
Genevieve O'Brien
Ralph Ojala
Douglas Palmer        
George Perry
Marilyn Perry
Mary Ann Perry
Jeanne Peters
Jeannette Peters
June Pierce
Janet Place
Ora Pye
Janet Reid
Sylvia Renzi
Jackson Rice
Agnes Ritter
Judith Rounds      
Peggy Ryder
Carl Sherman
John Short
Charlie Smith
Muriel Sollows
Eilene Sousa
Ima Stacy
Curtis Stiles         
Barry Sturgis
Mary Sylvester
Prudence Thacher         
Suzan Thomas
Sally Wallace
Elisabeth Walsh        
Martin Walsh    
Letitia Walters
Edwina Wheeler
Neil Whiteley
Estella Whitney
Virginia Williams                
Donald R. Wright
Anita Young
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BHS Red Raiders
Feb 1995
Deceased: To: George Nelson (3 children)
<Date of death unknown
< 1977
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Janice (2 children)
To:  Al Couillard (9 children)
Janice (2 children)
May 1990.
Apr 2001
To: William Gile (3 children)
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Ann (3 children)
To: Don Neal (4 children)
Donald  Wright             Skinny
Franklin Adams
Spouse: Nancy
To: Eugene Roth (3 children)
Richard Curley (7 Children)
Reid Higgins
Jay O'Brien
Patricia [5 children]
Husband Jan:  [1 child]
Harry Collingwood  [3 children]
4 Children
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Husband Steve [4 children]
To: Dick Cashman [4 children]
To Ed O'Neill [3 children]
To:Arthur Williams {3 children}
Feb 3 2002
To:Carl Dobler [3 children]
To: Ed Nemec [3 children]
To: Richard Caswell [4 children]
To Eddie Clifford (4 children}
4 Children
James Kramer 3-children
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
4 Daughters
Janet (5 children0
Married to Rob Stewart (3 Children)
Marilyn (4 children)
To: Jack harmon 4 children
To: James Crocker
3 Children
Wife: Sylvia
Lou Chabot (4 Children)
To: Pierce-fellows
1 Daughter
Mary: 3 children
To George Nichols 3 sons
2 children
23 May 2002
To: Furbush 1 child
To:Nathan Chase..3 children
June 9, 2002
June 19, 2002
To: Yetman (3 Children)
Wife: Mavis (1 Daughter)
Eleanor (4 children)
To: Martin
To: Robert O'Neil (3 children)
Stanley had no class picture.
Stanley M. Crosby
To: Ken Willman (2 children)
To: Burt Robbins (3 children)
To: Larry Sylvia (3 children)
To: Jeanne (7 children)
To: Lorene (0 children)
To John Beis (1 child)
May 1990.
June 2 2004
Aug 3, 2004
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Aug 11, 2004
Dec 2004
Nov. 28, 2004
To: White
To: White
June Chase
Jan 4,2005
Dec.8, 2005
** Mar 1999
July 2015.